Q: What technologies and amenities are offered at The Exec at Main Street Business District?


Each suite comes with its own dedicated hardwired network port along with access to the buildings WIFI network. The Exec provides both a tenant and guest WIFI option. For more information on internet specs and other utilities provided with your lease at The Exec at Main Street Business district, see "What utilities are provided at The Exec?".

Conference Room

The conference room at The Exec has both Apple TV and HDMI hookups for your presentations. Tenants are able to book the conference room through a dedicated online booking system. 

Digital Signage & Tenant Directory

The Exec includes a digital signage directory at both entrances to the buildings. This digital signage includes a tenant directory, weather, conference room schedule and announcements. 

Electronic Access & Automation

Each tenant is given their own dedicated key card with their lease that provides them with 24/7 access to The Exec. The exterior back door to the building is always locked, but accessible with the tenant's key card. The front door to the building is unlocked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Tenants are able to access the building after hours and on weekends with their keycard. 

If a tenant loses their keycard or is in need of an additional key card, they may be rented for an additional fee.

The building also includes automated lights for the common areas and the Cubes. Executive Office Suites have their own dedicated light switches. The HVAC system is also automated in order to provide ample comfort temperatures for all tenants in the building. 

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Last Updated: 7.12.2024